Things That You Should Avoid When You are Starving



Feelings of hunger make us eat anything that we can eat just to relieve our growling stomachs, but be careful with what you eat because instead of relieving your hunger, it can result in a stomach ache. Choosing the right food when hungry is a must because if you choose the wrong food to eat to relieve your hunger, it can lead to 1 to 2 hours of stomach ache or acid reflux.

Pain relievers and steroids

Taking pain relievers or steroids while hungry will just irritate the stomach lining and make the medicine less effective. It’s important to eat a light or heavy meal before taking pain relievers or steroids to prevent stomach cramping.


Some people sleep while they are starving due to their laziness to eat. The body still needs energy even in sleep, especially when the sleeping stage enters the rapid eye movement stage. Skipping meals regularly can cause a low blood sugar level and fatigue in the body. Sleeping late will also make you feel more tired when waking up in the morning, and you will not be satisfied with your sleep.


Exercising while starving will just make you lose muscle fast due to a lack of calories in the body, and if the exercise involves lifting weights, you may feel dizzy or lose consciousness. It is important to have a pre-meal workout before doing exercise to have lots of energy and strength before working out.

Soda, caffeine, beer, and any acidic drink

The stomach in the human body contains acid that’s used for digesting food. Drinking any acidic drink while starving will just create another acid in the stomach that can cause stomach cramps. Consuming acidic drinks regularly while starving will cause acid reflux and heartburn.

Spicy food

Spicy foods are also acidic foods. Eating spicy food especially the 2x spicy noodles while starving will irritate your stomach, and you will feel like something is burning inside your stomach for 2 to 4 days.


Always exercising your hamstrings will prevent knee injuries, especially if you are an athlete. Many people believe that they can’t work their hamstrings at home and only at the gym, but they are wrong. Doing the home hamstring exercise will have a significant impact on your lifestyle due to the improvement of your leg strength and balance.


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