Health, Fitness and Wellness: Polishing Yourself to be the Greater You


Polishing yourself to be a greater you is challenging. It will push you to the limit. It is hard, especially for someone who is super lazy. As a lazy person Ask yourself: What will I be in the future? Will I be happy if I do that or do this? Challenge yourself and prove to the people who look down on you that you can also achieve what successful people also achieve, but to do this, you need a lot of determination and perseverance.


The first step in polishing yourself to be a better you is to believe in yourself that you will be great or successful someday because that is the most important key to achieving it. If someone is confident enough to believe that they can achieve what they want in life, they will achieve it. Many people have confidence in themselves but lose it along the way due to a lack of patience. To achieve a greater you, there are many challenges and roads you need to cross. It is a long journey. There are many ups and downs in life, but the important part is never losing confidence in yourself.


Taking care of yourself is like respecting yourself. Many people will respect you if you have good hygiene. Hygiene is the proper way to maintain the cleanliness of the human body. There are different types of hygiene: oral, body, skin, foot, hair, nail, hand, and food hygiene. Having proper hygiene in different parts of the body will not just make you look good and fresh but will also protect you from different diseases. It will also make you look younger and less stressed because of the confidence you build around other people.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise will make you feel relaxed and happier. Working out will also improve your perseverance. Perseverance is the ability to do something even though there are a lot of challenges ahead. That’s why most successful entrepreneurs exercise regularly: they want to improve their perseverance and they want to feel more relaxed. Having a physically fit body will make you more confident and attract more women. Women are more attracted to physically fit men than not.

Improving your intelligence

Intelligence is one of the important factors in being a better you. Having the right mindset about what you will do in the future will help you achieve the success that you want. Reading books, listening to podcasts, and watching knowledgeable videos will help you improve your intelligence. People who start earning a lot of money stop educating themselves, but education will never stop. Once you stop gaining knowledge, you will also stop polishing yourself. Never stop learning, and you will be the greater you.


The way you act toward other people will reflect on your future. Why? Because if you have bad behavior towards people who are at your level, they will not consider you a great future leader. A person who always blames others for their mistakes will have no clear vision of the future. Always have great behavior toward others—a behavior that communicates properly and respects other people’s opinions. Being selfish as a person will do nothing but harm to you and to others and will just come back as bad luck for you in the future.


Socializing with others is one of the best things that you can do to improve yourself. This is one of the shortcuts to becoming a greater you. To take this shortcut, you need to socialize with people of high status. You don’t need to be a clout chaser to do this; just be yourself and ask them what they do to be successful, what they do all day, or try to be friends with them if you can. Choosing your friends is the most important part of socializing because if you have three successful friends, you will surely be the next one.


To be able to achieve something, changing yourself first is the first thing you need to do. Stop doing things that waste your time and money. Do what successful people do, and do not stop yourself from gaining knowledge. Respect other people and be humble, because there is always one person who is better than you. The journey to achieving dreams is up and down. Don’t stop believing in yourself, and keep pushing forward.

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