How to Lose Belly Fat without doing Exercise



It looks attractive if a person doesn’t have belly fat. That’s why most people want to have small belly fat to look more attractive. The bad thing is that most of the people who want to lose their belly fat don’t like going to the gym, and most of them don’t have time to go to the gym to release their energy to help them reduce their belly fat. But don’t worry, even though you don’t want to go to the gym and there is no time to go to the gym, there is still a way to reduce your belly fat without exercising, and that is by controlling your food and understanding the right amount of different foods you need to take to make you lose belly fat.

1. Reduce your carbohydrate intake.

Do not eat too many carbs. Eating too many carbs will make your belly fatter, especially if you do not exercise a lot. After consuming carb foods, it will become energy in the body, and if you do not use that energy by doing some exercise and other stuff to make use of that energy, it will just become fat that will be stored in your belly. It depends on your genes.

The thing is, to lose belly fat without exercise, you need to control the carbs that you eat. For example, if you eat five rice or five breads a day, beginners, you need to reduce what you eat per week and not per day, because if you rush to lose belly fat, you will give up fast and just go back to where you started. So if you are eating 5 breads a day, next week make it 4 breads a day, and the next week make it 3 breads a day. If you are still hungry, eat more protein to help you be leaner.

2. Reduce your sugar intake.

Consuming too much sugar will make your body resistant to insulin, which results in building up fat in the body. Avoid sugary drinks. If you are drinking five sugary drinks in a week, try to reduce them week by week until they become one or none. Remember, water is the best drink for humans. It also helps you reduce weight because it will increase the metabolism in your body.

3. Increase your protein intake.

Eat more protein than carbs because it will help you become lean. The foods that are rich in protein are beef, chicken breast, eggs, pork, fish, tofu, nuts, and almonds. The more protein we eat, the more fat our body will burn. The right amount of protein that we should eat is 1 g of protein, which is equal to 1 pound of body weight, meaning that if you are 140 pounds, you need to consume 140 g of protein. Don’t take more than the right amount because an excessive amount of protein will be bad for your kidneys.


For beginners, it is really hard to start losing belly fat, but if you really want to lose belly fat faster and have a flat belly permanently, you just have to be disciplined with your food and lifestyle. Do not rush things out. Try to change your diet and reduce the food that you are eating week by week, and you will see the results that you wish for.

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